Top 5 Wireless Gaming Mice to Buy 2022

Gaming mouse plays a very important role in the gamer’s overall satisfaction in playing games. Here in this article, we break down the five best wireless gaming mice in 2022. This list is made based on speed-accuracy build quality price and more and includes options for every type of consumer. So, whether you’re looking for a mouse for competitive gaming or casual gaming or you just want the best and lightest option available on the market, we’ll have the best wireless gaming mouse for you.

So, here they are.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE – #5 Gaming mice

First up we have a solid mouse that offers convenient wireless charging support and solid in-game responsiveness for a good price the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is a great all-around wireless gaming mouse to consider. The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is an updated version of the popular base model that comes with remodeled side macro buttons for important commands, wireless charging support, and upgraded sensors to enhance your gameplay. It comes with a similarly wide right-handed design as its predecessor and while some users might find the new textured grip somewhat slippery, you get a supportive thumb wing on the left side for improved grip and remodeled macro buttons for easier access.

The right side comes with a removable panel and a built-in storage compartment so you can safely store the wireless dongle after each use. It also supports 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and it allows you to switch between each source using the power switch when paired with multiple devices.

Unfortunately, the 16-hour battery life is somewhat limiting but you can extend the runtime by disabling certain features and it supports Qi wireless charging for convenience. It’s compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software. So, you can intuitively customize the RGB lighting to your preference, remap the mouse’s buttons, record useful macros, store distinct profiles for different games or purposes, and more. It also features an upgraded PixArt PAW 3392 sensor with a maximum tracking resolution of 18000 DPI and a high-level 2000 Hz polling rate for more accurate movements, which is impressive for a wireless mouse, but it lacks the responsiveness of more advanced options like the Logitech G502.

While it lacks the in-game performance of the Logitech G502, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE offers premium customizable aesthetics, solid responsiveness, and some useful modern features for a bit less money. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced mouse that offers in-depth software adjustments and can get the job done while gaming, this might be the ideal addition to your setup.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed – #4 Gaming mice

If you’re looking for an impressive wireless gaming mouse that can give you a competitive edge with intense action-packed gameplay, the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is my choice as the best option for e-sports in 2022.

Avid e-sports players or first-person shooter enthusiasts know the importance of having a high-quality mouse and the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed delivers reliable wireless connectivity with high-speed transmissions to reduce latency and several useful features for a decent price.

It comes with a lightweight frame that’s easy to move around quickly and textured sides for added support while gaming. Unfortunately, it might not be appropriate for all grip styles or users with larger hands but it has an ergonomic and ambidextrous design that should remain comfortable to hold over extended periods.

I think the battery is a standout feature and it can deliver up to 70 hours of continuous gameplay per charge, which is much more than the previously mentioned Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE and it also supports convenient wireless charging. The included 2.4 GHz dongle also delivers a high-speed low-latency connection. It features a Focus+ optical sensor that delivers up to a 650 IPS tracking speed, an outstanding 99.6% resolution for smoother movements, and up to 20 000 DPI which is comparable to more expensive options like the G Pro X Superlight and ideal for intense e-sports gameplay. Even more, it utilizes Razer’s optical switches instead of traditional mechanical components to register your rapid clicks or swipes almost instantaneously and provide additional durability. It’s also compatible with the feature-rich Synapse 3 software if you want to customize the controls, lighting, or record macros.

It doesn’t come with as many quality-of-life features as the G Pro X Superlight but the Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is a responsive mouse that comes with outstanding battery life and a high DPI count for more precise in-game movements, which makes it ideal for e-sports players. This is an ideal option if you primarily play action-oriented titles and need a mouse that can deliver fast accurate movements and a low-latency connection to improve your performance.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed – #3 Gaming mice

Some users might be looking for a solid no-frills gaming mouse that can get the job done at an affordable price. The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is my choice as the best budget wireless gaming mouse in 2022. Not everyone can afford a premium gaming mouse and the Logitech G305 Lightspeed offers an ergonomic form factor, good battery life, and the best performance you’ll find in a gaming mouse that costs less than $50.

It has a sleek plastic build that features six programmable buttons including four on the top and two on the side. So, you can easily trigger input with your thumb during intense gameplay. Like the more expensive Logitech models we’ll mention later, the primary left and right buttons utilize mechanical switch tensioning to reduce the amount of force needed to register a click, which provides faster, more consistent inputs or swipes.

Unfortunately, it lacks a convenient rechargeable battery like the more advanced options on this list but it uses a single AA battery that provides around 200 hours of runtime to keep you gaming. On the bottom, you get low-friction PTFE feet that allow you to quickly move the mouse, a power switch, and a 12000-DPI optical HERO sensor that’s appropriate for casual gamers through more advanced first-person shooter players would be better off with the higher-end G502.

While it lacks RGB lighting, it’s still compatible with the G-Hub Companion software which allows you to view battery level readings, record macros, customize your controls, adjust the sensitivity, and more. I also like that it has onboard memory for different profiles and built-in dongle storage. So, it’s ideal for gamers who travel frequently.

While it doesn’t deliver the same top-tier gaming performance as Logitech’s more expensive offerings, the G305 is a comfortable affordable alternative that comes with several useful features. If you’re a less serious or an entry-level gamer who wants an inexpensive option that can get the job done, this might be the best option available for under $50.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed #2 Gaming mice

Next up, we have a high-performance wireless mouse that’s comfortable to hold and ideal for almost any type of game. The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is my choice as the best gaming mouse for most people in 2022.

Logitech has several high-quality gaming accessories to choose from and their G502 Lightspeed gaming mouse is an ergonomic option that delivers comparable performance to the premium G Pro X Superlight for a slightly lower price, which makes it ideal for almost any gamer. It comes with a sleek sturdy plastic exterior, two primary buttons, a clickable scroll wheel with buttons underneath to activate macros or unlock the wheel, two macro buttons on the left, and a DPS dropping sniper button to quickly switch between your programmed sensitivity profiles. It has an ergonomic design that shouldn’t cause too much hand fatigue though users with smaller hands might prefer a compact option like the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed. I also like that it comes with weights to alter the feel, so you can find an optimal weight for your play style.

The battery is another impressive feature. And while it doesn’t last as long as some competitors, it can still deliver around 48 hours of runtime with the RGB lighting enabled. It utilizes the same HERO 25k sensor as the higher-end G Pro X Superlight, which delivers a maximum speed of over 400 IPS and accurate responsive in-game movements with no noticeable smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. You get advanced one-to-one tracking with excellent accuracy along with a versatile sensitivity range up to 25600 DPI to provide faster reaction times and register high-precision inputs.

Even more, it offers a mechanical switch button tensioning system to reduce the amount of force needed to register clicks. It doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as the G Pro X Superlight but it delivers comparable all-around performance while gaming and anyone who doesn’t mind a heavier mouse would likely be better off saving some money.

This is ideal for casual or serious gamers who want a high-performance versatile mouse at a slightly lower price than premium models.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight #1 Gaming mice

If you’re looking for the wireless gaming mouse that provides the best balance between speed precision battery life and overall in-game performance, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is our choice as the best overall option in 2022.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is an exceptionally lightweight gaming mouse that comes with smooth-gliding feet for better maneuverability, a convenient built-in storage compartment, and a highly responsive sensor for smoother, more accurate in-game movements.

While it lacks a comfortable honeycomb design, it has a streamlined build, an incredibly lightweight frame that only weighs around 2.2 ounces, and large zero-resistance PTFE feet which provide a nearly frictionless glide for more precise in-game movements.

The battery performance is another standout feature and can last for around 70 hours of continuous gameplay per charge, which is on par with the previously mentioned Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed and it allows you to use it as a wired mouse while charging.

I also like that it has a convenient storage compartment for the dongle. So, you won’t need to worry about misplacing it when not in use. It doesn’t come with some gamer-friendly features like RGB lighting but it’s compatible with Logitech’s G-Hub software. So, you can assign macros to the two programmable keys, remap buttons, adjust sensitivity levels, and more. You also get a high-end HERO 25K sensor that can track at up to 25600 DPI to accommodate different playing styles and remain accurate at up to 400 inches per second, which is ideal for competitive gamers and produces more precise in-game movements than cheaper models without noticeable stuttering, lagging, smoothing or filtering.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is the best overall wireless gaming mouse because of its robust Companion software, high-grade sensor, and lighter build than other impressive options like the Logitech G502 which offers greater versatility and comfort while playing.

If you’re a serious gamer who needs a high-quality responsive lightweight mouse that can deliver unrivaled precision and accuracy to provide a competitive advantage, this might be the ideal choice for you.

So, there you have it, the top 5 gaming mice to buy in 2022.

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