3 Best Massage Chair 2022

Best Massage chair

The greatest thing to relieve tension is to get a massage. It relieves pain and also relaxes your body and mind. No one has time to go to a massage parlor and have a massage because of their hectic schedules. As a result, a massage chair is a perfect option for anyone who does not have time to have a massage.
Each massage chair has its own set of features and settings, making it difficult to compare if you’ve never used one before. People also do not like to read descriptions of every product on amazon to decide which one is best. For that purpose, we’ve highlighted the top massage chair characteristics and offered a helpful buying guide that in the end will help you to decide which one is the top-rated and best-featured massage chair.

1. Real Relax Dual-Core S Massage chair- Top Rated

The Real Relax 03 ADV model is the top-rated and best-buying massage chair. It has lots of incredible features such as dual-core S track robot hand rollers that give you amazing and comparatively better neck, back, and shoulder massage than other massagers. This device has a smart voice control feature and remote control which makes it easy to use. There are 6 auto programmed massage modes that will give your body the ultimate feeling of relaxation.
You can experience different combinations of massages such as kneading, knocking, and twisting neck. With the lower back heating pads, you can enjoy a warm massage that makes you feel good. This chair is available with the 2 wheels by which you can move it easily at your home.

⦁          Massage rollers
⦁          6 Auto programmed massage modes
⦁          Built-in Bluetooth
⦁          Comfortable seat
⦁          Smart Voice control
⦁          LCD screen and remote control
⦁          Zero gravity
⦁          3 levels of massage intensity
⦁          Lower back heating
⦁          Foot massage
⦁          Different massage ways and combinations
⦁          Available with 2 wheels for movement

  • ⦁          Super easy to fix
  • ⦁          Reasonable price
  • ⦁          Perfect for all heights
  • ⦁          Provides amazing foot massage
  • ⦁          Very comfortable
  • ⦁          Good for home office as well
  • ⦁         You need to fix it properly otherwise it will not work properly
  • ⦁          Big and heavy

2. Osaki OS-Champ Massage chair- Best Buy

Osaki OS champ massage chair is the latest updated version with 2 zero gravity modes. According to the Osaki, this chair is inspired by NASA technology. So there are lots of features such as 5 Auto programmed massages and better reclining angles. These auto-programmed modes include stretching, relaxation, upper and lower back, etc. There are 18 airbags in this chair that are located in different positions. These airbags apply pressure on the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. You can also adjust the intensity according to your choice by just pressing the intensity button.
This chair has 2 heating pads around the lumbar area which provide the complement to the roller and airbags massage. One of the remarkable features of this chair which make it different is it extendable leg which can be extended up to 7.6 inches to get a comfortable position.

⦁          L-track roller design
⦁          2 stages of zero gravity
⦁          Space saver
⦁          Extendable leg
⦁          18 Airbags around the shoulder, arm, foot, and calf area
⦁          2 heating pads are located in the lumbar area
⦁          5 auto programmed massages

  • ⦁          Available in black and brown color
  • ⦁          Loud Bluetooth speakers
  • ⦁          Different massage modes
  • ⦁          Space saver
  • ⦁          So comfortable
  • ⦁          Pain relief
  • ⦁          Easy to assemble
  • ⦁          User friendly
  • ⦁          Do not have 3D massage feature
  • ⦁          Heavy-weight
  • ⦁          High pressure on the foot area

3. Human Touch WholeBody massage chair- Modern Design

This unique and modern design massage chair provides full-body treatment to relieve muscle pain. It contains a BodyMap PRO function that allows you to select the area that needs relief in order to feel better. It provides you with 5 auto-massage programs such as Full, Upper, Lower, Relax, and Sleep massage, allowing you to modify your experience for a restorative massage at home. It also uses Figure-Eight technology to massage the calves in an upward, wave-like manner. That will enhance the blood circulation from the foot to the core and boost your health. The thing which irritates the buyer is a heavy massage chair that cannot be moved but this massage chair is easy to move anywhere.
The FlexGlide solution of this chair makes it different from the traditional massages and the 3D orbital system gives a satisfying massage.

⦁          Comfortable
⦁          Swivel base that rotates 55 degrees
⦁          Easy to move
⦁          5 auto programmed features
⦁          Has BodyMap PRO feature
⦁          Figure-eight technology
⦁          Warm air technology
⦁          3D FlexGlide offers seamless glide
⦁          3-year warranty

  • ⦁         Durable
  • ⦁          Easy to assemble
  • ⦁          Value for money
  • ⦁          Elegant design  
  • ⦁          Comfortable
  • ⦁          Suitable for every height
  • ⦁          Need to keep initiating the cycle
  • ⦁          The Calf massage feature is not good enough
  • ⦁          Massage intensity is strong at a few points

Buying guide On the Best Massage Chair 

When buying a massage chair there are so many things to consider such as price, auto programmed features, massage functions, massage rollers and track, airbags, and reclining function.

⦁ Price

The Price of the massage chair matters a lot. People who are buying a massage chair for the very first time don’t know which massage chair suits them better. A premium massage chair cost anywhere between $1500 to $12000 and you can get high quality amazing featured massage chair for $2000 to $7000.

⦁ Massage functions

Massage chairs that are cheap and low-end offer only vibration and rolling massage. While on the other hand, you will get a wide range of massage features in a high-end massage chair. Feature such as

⦁          Heating therapy
⦁          Kneading
⦁          Rolling
⦁          Shiatsu
⦁          Vibration
⦁          Zero gravity
⦁          3D massage therapy

Based on these features you can easily make your decision

⦁ Massage Rollers and Track

Must consider Massage rollers and track while buying a massage chair. It can be L-track that extends from the neck area to gluteus muscles, S-track that extend from the neck to the lower lumbar area, and J track that combines L and S track. 

⦁ Massage Airbags

Massage airbags in your massage chair compress muscle and increase blood flow that helps in relieving pain. Look for a massage chair that offers both airbags and rolling massage for a better experience.

⦁ Heating feature

New and updated versions of massage chairs come up with the heated massage feature in which the seat and back of the massage chair start heating. With this heating, the feature message becomes more effective and relaxing.  

⦁ Reclining function

The Zero gravity reclining feature is must in most of the high-end massage chairs. Your body experiences a zero-gravity neutral position and reduces tension and improves circulation.


If you want a high-end massage chair Osaki OS-Champ Massage chair is best for you with remarkable features. But if you want a top-rated and best budget massage chair Real Relax Dual-Core S Massage chair best suits you. 

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