Guide to Choose Best Rowing Machines for Home

Rowing machines have been offering a great deal of performance in workouts. These are not only suitable for gyms, but even at home, you can make the most of them and shed those extra calories you gain the entire day. 

These days, rowing machines are not simple ones where you row while keeping an eye on your watch. The latest innovations have added automated tracking mechanisms that monitor your entire workout season, followed by a report as to what you achieved.

8 Best Rowing Machines for Home

After extensive research, the 8 best rowing machines for home have been featured below, and you can have a look and decide what suits you the best; let’s dig in.

Concept 2 Model D

Key Features

  • It has a performance monitor display that helps you watch your entire performance while working out.
  • The layout and design of this rowing machine can offer excellent air resistance to make the working-out experience a better one.
  • It is very simple to use and assemble, and storage is pretty convenient; you can simply disassemble it into two parts and stand it on its legs when not in use.
  • Heart rate monitoring is available through wireless connectivity that keeps an eye on the heart rate, which is displayed on its PM5 monitor.
  • The monitor of this rowing machine is also compatible with the ErgData app to have an eye on the entire statistics of your workout.
  • Suitable for long term use
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Worth the investment
  • Backed with app support
  • It lacks a little bit in looks
  • It does Not show the modern app control as the latest machines do

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a basic browning machine that suits your budget and offers you a comfortable workout with proper heart rate monitoring and statistics, then choosing it could be a budgeted deal.

SereneLife Rowing Machine

Key Features

  • The spectacular design of this rowing machine makes it a suitable choice for home use. It has perfect plastic parts of high quality, followed by a decent steel frame.
  • The rowing machine even has paddles at the front that offer good support to the back while working out.
  • It is very easy to move this rowing machine from one place to another because of the ease associated with its making.
  • This rowing machine is equipped with seamless magnetic and air resistance. It helps control it significantly, keeping the consistency of the workout maintained, and the resistance can be adjusted to 8 levels.
  • It does Not have noise-producing mechanisms and works out quietly.
  • While working out on this rowing machine, one may easily measure the calories burnt, time covered, distances covered, and more detailed statistics.
  • Assembling is quite easy
  • Does Not need much maintenance
  • Offers air resistance with eight levels
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • It doesn’t have an HR chest strap
  • It does not offer a folding choice
  • The quality of the monitor is a little inferior

Final Verdict

It is a great rowing machine for someone who needs a durable choice, and the best part is that it doesn’t demand much maintenance. It is backed with covering all detailed analysis of your workout with excellent rates and coverages.

Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Key Features

  • This rowing machine is the perfect choice at home and is backed by eight different levels. You can choose the one you want to work out with, ranging from an easy to an extensive workout experience.
  • It allows you to have an upper and lower body workout that will enable you to tone your body, followed by having a cardiovascular activity that is important for your health.
  • It comes with customizable foot straps, and with this, there are pedals given to ensure a comfortable workout session. Along with this, users may also find its seating mechanism comfortable.
  • It is provided with an LCD panel that captures all the details on the screen, and with this, the monitor of this machine is also adjustable backward and forward.
  • Storage of this rowing machine is also a more straightforward job. You can fold it when not in use and unfold it when you wish to use it without letting it take any extra space.
  • It has eight levels for workout
  • Offers to have a sturdy design
  • Handles are properly padded
  • It can easily be folded
  • The paddles are a little slippery
  • People above 6.2 feet in height won’t be comfortable
  • Data display is limited

Final Verdict

If you are below 6.2 feet, this rowing machine may be a fair deal because it is relatively cheaper than the features offered.

Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 

Key Features

  • If you need a smooth rowing experience with your workout, this rowing machine is a great choice. It has a spacious and comfortable seating space with the seat sliding accordingly, making no noise.
  • A wide footrest allows an anti-slip and an effortless workout experience with a lot of support to your back.
  • This rowing machine has a water tank that manages the resistance at the front. The more water you add to it, the more your workout rate increases.
  • It has an LCD monitor which caters to your targeted workout that you can customize yourself. The number of calories you would want to burn, the distance you wish to cover, etc., will be shown on the monitor.
  • This rowing machine comes with a smart fitness app so you can call at all times to track your entire fitness regime.
  • Making is sturdy
  • The seating is very comfortable
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Features useless graphics on the screen
  • Requires more maintenance than other options
  • There is no resistance change possible

Final Verdict

Many of you may get inspired because of its look and layout, but honestly, far better options are available. You may find the water-resistance a point of attraction, but that is also responsible for added maintenance.

STRONGICK – Foldable Rowing Machine

Key Features

  • This Strongick D25 rowing machine model has some exemplary models that allow an experience that will be a seamless one. It comes with ten levels that may quickly help you adjust according to your workout ability.
  • It will target your entire body and will help you tone yourself in a way that would be surprising. It is excellent for people who are tired of other workout methods.
  • It is light and may easily be folded and disassembled into two parts for easy storage. It has a steel and aluminum frame blend that adds to its sturdy making.
  • Even if you use this machine at the 10th level, it will make no unnecessary sound, and the entire environment of your home will not be disturbed because of your workout.
  • High-density foam is used for its seat, and it is a wider seating capacity that gives a comfortable experience.
  • Transport wheels offered
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity and app on the phone
  • It has adjustable footrests
  • Detachable rail
  • The fitness monitor lacks a backlight
  • The HR chest strap is missing

Final Verdict

This rowing machine is undoubtedly the finest choice; it has outstanding features like monitoring the app’s time, distance, heart rate, and connectivity, which everyone would look forward to.

NordicTrack RW900 Rower

Key Features

  • Using this rowing machine, you can have your demanded workouts streamed over its screen to follow, a unique feature offered.
  • It has 26 resistance levels that are automatically adjusted, and this amounts to be one of the latest features of this rowing machine.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty and has very sturdy construction to ensure durability.
  • It supports connectivity for Bluetooth headphones, and when you’re done using them, you can fold them back and store it.
  • The screen installed on this rowing machine is a 22-inch touch screen with excellent results to help your workout.
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Easy to store
  • It doesn’t make a sound
  • Adjusts resistance labels automatically
  • It is a little pricey
  • You have to take iFit membership for workouts

Final Verdict

This rowing machine is exemplary and one of the best rowing machines for home; everyone would love to have a workout with the one going on the screen because this is always the most interactive experience, and the price also seems to be justified.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine SF-RW5606

Key Features

  • It is an essential and affordable choice of rowing machine for someone who wants a budget choice for use at home.
  • There is an elastic cord for rowing purposes, and it supports four levels of resistance to keep up the tension of the cord maintained.
  • It has a well-padded handle that supports a good grip while working out.
  • It has a comfortable wide seat, and gliding is also not very noisy to bother people around you.
  • It has an LCD screen powered by batteries and shows a primary calorie count for the users during the workout.
  • It is foldable and can easily be stored in any corner of your house when not in use.
  • Easy to assemble in no time
  • Affordable choice
  • Four levels of resistance
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • Lacks accuracy of calorie counter
  • It takes up more space than usual rowing machines
  • Cord may get stuck when rowing

Final Verdict

This rowing machine is fundamental and may not be compared to the high-end options available these days. However, if you have a minimal budget and need a moderate rowing machine, you can enjoy working out and shed your weight using this one.

Stamina | X Air Rower 

Key Features

  • Excellent workouts may easily be carried out when you have a suitable rowing machine, and this one could be a great example that works by air resistance and has a fan that spins to adjust the resistance.
  • You can have your custom workouts programmed to allow you to have an exceptional experience, and it will monitor your stroke rate, calorie count, the distance you have covered, etc.
  • Padded rowing handle and padded seating allow a very comfortable experience while working out with a good grip from the paddles.
  • The seating is very comfortable
  • It offers to be a sturdy choice
  • Transport wheels are built-in
  • A little noisy
  • Assembling it may be challenging

Final Verdict

It is a budget-friendly choice, but at the same time, it does make noise because of the fan it has been backed with for air resistance purposes, so this could be a significant issue.


How long should I use a rowing machine daily?

The rowing machine must be used for at least 30 minutes a day.

Can I use a rowing machine every day?

Yes, you can use a rowing machine every day as it will strengthen your body and help you lose weight. However, for daily use, invest in the best rowing machine for your home use.

Are there any disadvantages of rowing machines?

Not as such, but people who have a back injury must avoid using a rowing machine as that may cause a lot of stress on the back.

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