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How to Choose Earrings For Your Face Shape

When selecting jewelry for a special occasion, earrings can make all the difference in how your face appears. The right earrings can draw attention to your best features, complement your hair and makeup, and even help you find the ideal outfit. But to get the most out of these accessories, you must know how to select ones tailored specifically to your face shape.

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How to select the Ideal Earrings for Your Face Type

When selecting earrings for your face shape, the most important factor you must take into account is how it appears in a mirror. Tracing your face with some soap or lipstick gives you an accurate reflection of how it will appear in real life.

Round shaped faces tend to be wider at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline. Long dangling earrings look stunning on these types of faces.

Square-shaped faces have the same facial proportions as round faces, but lack the width at the cheekbones and forehead. Furthermore, these features don’t feature nearly as many sharp angles.

Hoops, studs with dimension, and long hanging earrings are all stunning options for those with square face shapes. Round design earrings or oversized hoop earrings draw attention to your ears while softening the natural angles of your face shape.

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Heart shaped faces are easily identified by their wide forehead that gradually narrows towards the chin. Finding the ideal earrings to complement this type of facial shape can be tricky, but if you do decide on something unique, try wearing a tear drop earring as it helps to balance out both extremes – wide forehead and narrow chin.

Inverted triangle-shaped faces feature a wider forehead than the chin and tend to have more angular features. Earrings for these types of faces should aim to draw attention to the eyes while softening any sharp angles present.

Avoid earrings that feature sharp angles, such as studs or hoops with an angular design. These can make the face appear more angular, so opt for pieces with more curves and fewer lines.

Diamond-shaped faces are defined by the eyes being the largest feature of your face, meaning they’re widest at the eyes and narrowest around your chin and forehead. To balance out these wide areas, opt for earrings with teardrop or dangle shapes that add extra drama at the bottom near your smaller chin.

Narrow faces share the same general outline as square faces, but are slightly longer in profile. While short dangles and pearls can be flattering, short hoop or circle studs should not be worn.

Dangle earrings with curved lines are an ideal choice for these faces, as they draw attention to your cheekbones while adding softness. Asymmetrical cuts such as pear or triangle may also flatter a narrow face shape.

Oval-shaped faces offer a pleasing compromise between extremes. While not as angular as other face types, they still possess an eye-catching quality and can be very beautiful. When selecting earrings for someone with an oval face shape, those who already have large ears should avoid those that overaccentuate its roundness; otherwise, try to stick with smaller sizes for best results.