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How to Choose Eyeshadow Color Combinations

Selecting eyeshadow colors that flatter your skin tone and eyes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Simply follow some basic guidelines, and you’ll soon have found the ideal palette.

First, select the ideal base shade and apply it evenly over your eyelids. This will help your makeup last longer and appear more natural. After that is set up, you can begin playing with other shades from your palette.

Create an eyeshadow look with monochromatic colors for a single shade. This is ideal for beginners since it’s super straightforward and won’t take much effort or time to master.

Another way to create an eye-catching aesthetic is with polychromatic colors. This style incorporates multiple shades of the same hue in various light, medium and dark values.

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This look is timeless and can be dramatic depending on how you apply the shadows. This look can be worn for any special occasion – guaranteed to turn heads!

If you’re searching for a more subdued eyeshadow look, a neutral palette may be your perfect pick. Neutral palettes are incredibly versatile and can be used to craft many different looks.

Additionally, they are incredibly simple to blend and perfect for novice makeup artists.

No matter your level of expertise, it’s essential to know which colors look best with your eyes and outfit. Select hues that complement both your skin tone and eyes for an effortlessly beautiful ensemble every time.

Next, take into account your skin tones. Cooler complexions should opt for warmer hues like golds and oranges; while warmer skin tones should opt for cooler tones such as blues or purples.

Finding the ideal eyeshadow palette is easy if you do some research and research multiple brands offering quality eyeshadows. Additionally, reading reviews on products you’re considering purchasing is a wise idea.

You can use a color wheel to determine the best combination for your eyeshadows. This can be an invaluable resource when selecting palettes tailored specifically for you – not only will this save time now but in the future as well!

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When selecting eyeshadow colors, it is essential to take into account three things: your undertone, eye color and outfit. These three elements will shape how you look and feel!

Your Undertone

If your skin tone leans toward fair or medium, opt for eyeshadows with lighter hues. This will enhance your complexion’s radiance and give the illusion of healthier skin.

Additionally, using lighter colors will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Experiment with contrasting tones to create an eyeshadow look unique to yourself; for instance, if you have green eyes and dark brown hair, pair these two tones together for an eyeshadow look that is both stunning and beautiful!