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How to Choose Highlight Color For Face

If you want to take your makeup game to the next level, highlighter is the answer! But, just like foundation and blush, there’s more than just picking out your favorite shade – how you apply it and which color you select can make all the difference!

Finding the ideal highlight color for your face begins by determining your skin tone. From there, you’ll know what qualities to look for when shopping for a highlighter that will enhance rather than disrupt the natural coloring of your skin.

Cool Reds and Burgundy:

For fair-toned skin with reddish undertones, adding cool red highlights in shades of auburn, burgundy or deep red is a great choice. These hues aren’t as intense as bright pinks or rosy orange, which could cause your complexion to appear flushed or irritated; rather they serve to counteract any red undertones and help keep things balanced out.

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Golden Brown and Ash Brown:

For those with warm skin tones, adding cool-toned brown highlights in shades of mocha, ash brown or rich chocolate is an effective way to brighten and lighten the complexion. Additionally, this look works well for people with light neutral-toned skin that’s prone to yellow or gold undertones, according to celebrity hair and makeup artist Daniel Bauer.

Selecting the ideal shade of highlighter can be intimidating, but with these helpful tips and tricks you’ll guarantee your skin looks flawless in any light.

To achieve flawless highlighting, choose the product best suited for your skin type and apply it correctly. Powder highlighters work best on oily skin types while cream or liquid formulas benefit dry and sensitive skin types, according to celebrity makeup artist Shojaie Peart. Using a sponge or Beautyblender when applying cream or liquid formulas is an easy way to get that smooth even coverage beloved by celebs and fashion bloggers alike!

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Don’t forget to apply highlighter at the high points of your face: This includes cheekbones, bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow and center of forehead. Doing so will create the illusion of a prominent bone structure as well as add an instant glow to your skin.

But be careful! Too much highlighter can look unnatural and leave your complexion looking uneven. The trick is to only use the highest concentration of product on areas you wish to highlight, like the bridge of your nose or Cupid’s bow, so as not to clog up pores or make your skin appear blotchy.

If you’re not sure which shade of highlighter to choose, Collazo suggests applying your favorite blush and pairing it with a lighter highlighter shade. This will create an even look and give off just enough glow for any special occasion.

No matter if you want a subtle, natural look or something extravagant, always use a makeup brush to apply your highlighter. Depending on the formula, using either a fluffy fan or pointed diffuser brush may help prevent product from getting too cakey and sticking to your pores.