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How to Choose Mascara

No matter if you’re into full face glam or natural makeup looks, mascara is an essential ingredient in your makeup bag. But finding the right mascara can seem like a daunting task!

When selecting mascara, there are plenty of options to choose from – curling and volumising, waterproof and even lash-conditioning formulas. While the basic ingredients remain consistent across brands (wax and pigment), there are some important things to consider when determining which kind is ideal for you.

Decide what you want your mascara to accomplish for you – lengthening, thickening, defining, enhancing or something else entirely? Then match your lashes with the type of formula and wand that will help deliver those desired results.

different shapes of the wand
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The Shape of the Wand

A mascara wand has great power and can make all the difference in how your lashes appear. One that has a tapered tip helps reach inner corners, while a curved comb-like brush helps separate and add curl to lashes.

The Texture and Type of Bristles

A great mascara wand is composed of plastic comb-like bristles that help separate your lashes, add volume, and give them a darker and more prominent appearance. Some wands have a thin, soft texture while others are stiffer and denser in structure.

You can choose wands with various shapes and sizes. Some are curved, others flat, while some are straight. The right wand can make all the difference in how well-groomed your look is; so be sure to select one that best suits your requirements.

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Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

The Color of Mascara

Black is the most common shade for mascara, but there are other options to consider. Brown mascara creates a subdued, natural look while charcoal or blue mascara offers dramatic contrast with lighter-colored eyelashes and eyebrows.

When your hair color is lighter, dark mascara can make your lashes stand out more. Platinum blondes and redheads may favor dark brown; alternatively, you could go for a fashion-forward, nontraditional hue if you’re feeling daring.

Waterproof mascara can be a great solution for those who need to keep their mascara on all day without fear of it smudging or running. Just be mindful not to overuse it! Waterproof mascara can be difficult to take off and may damage your lashes if not used carefully.

Another great feature of some mascaras is their dual-ended formulas, which come with a primer on one end and thickening formula on the other. These dual-ended combination products are essential in any makeup collection as they offer dramatic looks without worrying about smudging or smearing that may occur when using regular tubes of mascara.

Depending on your makeup style, you might prefer having several specialized mascaras in your bag — for instance, an ultra-dark black version for nighttime or a lighter brown for everyday looks. Additionally, having colored mascaras ready for special occasions is recommended.