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How to Choose Red Lipstick

Are you searching for the perfect red lipstick to enhance your eyes or add a splash of color to your lips? No matter what the reason is, finding the perfect shade can be overwhelming with so many options available online or in stores. But don’t fret – there’s sure to be one perfect fit for everyone.

Before selecting red lipstick, it’s essential to know your skin tone and undertone. This is especially relevant if you have a lighter complexion as making sure the hue complements instead of detracts from it.

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1. Determine Your Undertones

To identify your undertone, take a quick glance at your wrist. If the veins are purple or blue, they indicate cool undertones; on the other hand, if they’re greener in hue then warm undertones apply.

3. Match Your Lipstick To Your Undertone

Knowing your skin’s undertone can be helpful when selecting red lipstick. Doing this makes the difference between choosing a lipstick that doesn’t flatter your complexion and one that fills you with confidence and beauty.

4. Select A Shade That Accomplishes Your Skin Tone

If your complexion is fair, opt for red lipstick that will enhance the highlights on your cheeks. A light-to-medium shade of red may work best here as it will brighten up the complexion and give your lips a vibrant appearance.

You can also try adding a darker red eyeshadow accent to make the makeup look more polished and cohesive. However, be aware that darker, brick-toned reds only flatter darker complexions so for everyday wear we recommend sticking with classic neutral shades of red for best results.

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5. Complement Your Look with Foundation

A good base is essential to complete your look, as bold lipstick can sometimes overpower your complexion and draw attention to flaws. To avoid this, opt for a natural look and use lightweight formula that stays matte without smudging.

6. Choose A Color That Appoints Your Skin Type

No matter if you have fair, dark or olive skin, there will be a red lipstick that compliments your complexion. Each shade of red has an undertone that works better with each skin tone than the next.

Women with olive skin tones look best in pinkish-red. The orange and peachy undertones will enhance her complexion, while purple and blue will brighten her smile for a more youthful appearance.

In addition to pinkish-red, the brand offers a selection of shades suitable for all skin types and undertones. With its high SPF protection level, you could even use this product as your foundation if desired.