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Summer Season: Trends In Women’s Clothing

Clothes, like a canvas, open up limitless possibilities. Find out the season trends in summer outfits for women.

  • As for the colours: a delicate powdery pink juxtaposes with an energetic orange and black-and-white binomial.
  • Place a bet on the total bow image by choosing one colour to dress from head to toe. Or, on the contrary, choose prints. Sailor stripes, pink prints and polka dots are in fashion.
  • If only one trend could be chosen, it would be a white dress. This is a hint of what will be the main trend of the new season.
  • It’s time to dare transparent dresses or skirts. Insiders combine them with men’s-style clothes to play on the contrast.
  • The shoulders become especially noticeable. Either through dresses that bare them, or through jackets with large shoulder pads.
  • Classic girls invest in a pencil skirt to pair it with an exquisite blouse with a bow or a flawless floor-length shirt. And the bravest girls will try extreme shorts.
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Style Tips for Summer

  • Add some colour and feel free to use warm tones such as red or orange, even in small doses. You can take, for example, an orange bag and combine it with neutral colours.
  • Consider colorimetry (a list of colours that suit you depending on skin tone, hair colour, and eyes) and body morphology. Get to know yourself and explore trends, adapting them to your own style and preferences.
  • Avoid cliches and try to decontextualize your images a little. For example, do not always combine a dress with sandals, it can be perfectly combined with sneakers, and so you will give it a more original shade.
  • Compensate for the volume and find a balance. High-rise trousers, which have been one of the main trends on the catwalks, are ideally combined with a cropped top or, if they are wide, with a tight-fitting top.
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Follow these trends for inspiration, but do not forget to adapt each piece of clothing to your own style so that what you wear speaks about you — this is the main component.