Top 5 Best Smart TV to buy in 2022

Are you looking for the best smart TV 2022? If yes, we got you covered. Although finding the best overall TV seems to be a daunting task, things can be a bit smoother if you have already done some research. With narrowed-down options, it won’t be difficult to choose the best smart TV that meets most of your needs.
To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top smart TV you can buy in 2022. So, let’s see what we have got here!

Table of Contents

⦁ Sony A80J 55″ TV BRAVIA XR OLED Smart TV
⦁ TCL 55-Inch 6-Series R635 4K Roku Smart TV
⦁ Hisense U6G 50″ 4K ULED Android Smart TV
⦁ SAMSUNG QN90A 55″ Class Neo QLED Smart TV
⦁ LG OLED C1 65″ 4k Smart TV
⦁ Final Thoughts

Sony A90J 55″ TV BRAVIA XR OLED Smart TV

Top 5 Best Smart TV 2022


No doubt, Sony is among the top TV brands around the world. Since its inception, Sony tried to offer the best visual experience. The legend continues with the latest Sony smart TV 2022 that we are currently reviewing. This particular model offers most of those modern features that you can find in any high-end smart TV. It’s a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Talking about the features of the Sony A90J 55″ Smart TV, it comes with options that were missing previously. Hence, you can expect a more satisfying and unique experience. First, the picture quality is truly impressive, thanks to its Cognitive Processor XR which offers natural colors and peak brightness.
The same goes with the sound that adds more fun to your movie and gaming experience. Besides, Bravia Core is another value-added feature that is an exclusive streaming service. Last but not the least, Sony A90J is ALEXA and Google Assistance compatible as well.
You can purchase Sony A90J 55″ Smart TV Only from Amazon for under $2000.

Key Features
⦁ Cognitive Processor XR
⦁ XR Triluminos Pro
⦁ XR OLED Contrast Pro
⦁ XR HDR Remaster
⦁ Google TV
⦁ XR Motion Clarity
⦁ ACOUSTIC Surface Audio

  • ⦁ Exceptional picture quality
  • ⦁ Amazing sound
  • ⦁ Better motion handling
  • ⦁ Slightly expensive

TCL 55-Inch 6-Series ⦁ R635⦁ ⦁ 4K ⦁ Roku⦁ Smart TV

Top 5 Best Smart TV 2022


If you aren’t interested in buying an exceptionally huge TV, this 55-inch smart TV by TLC is a viable option to consider. The TLC 55-inch 6-Series belongs to 2nd-Gen smart televisions, as it promises the best possible movie and gaming experience.
The image is sharp and accurate. This offers a unique and impressive experience when watching your favorite movies. Moreover, this model also comes with popular gaming features including THX Certified Game Mode. It has 4 built-in HDMI ports, so you can connect all your favorite devices without any hassle.
Apart from this, TLC 55-inch 6-Series Roku Smart TV offers a standard-quality sound. It tends to compete with the sound quality of other high-end smart TV brands. When it comes to appearance and design features, this model from TLC steals the show. The Bezel-less top and sides give a perfect appearance to this model.
With the eARC feature, it is possible to sync audio sources for exceptional sound quality. Best of all, TLC 55-inch 6-Series Roku Smart TV can be purchased by spending around $700.

Key Features

⦁ Superior 4K Ultra HD
⦁ Roku Interface
⦁ Easy Voice Control
⦁ THX Certified Game Mode
⦁ 4 HDMI inputs
⦁ Mini-LED Technology

  • ⦁ Amazing contrast ratio
  • ⦁ Vibrant and accurate colors
  • ⦁ Affordable
  • ⦁ Inexpensive
  • ⦁ Minimum bezel
  • ⦁ Slightly higher input lag

Hisense U6G 50″ 4K ULED Android Smart TV


The Hisense U6G is a decent all-rounder smart TV, which offers excellent picture quality in both dark and bright rooms. The performance level of this particular smart TV does compete with some expensive options out there. So, if you are looking for a high-quality smart TV that fits within your budget, Hisense U6G is not a bad consideration. Because 50’’ model price is just over $400 on Amazon.
With its Quantum Dot technology, Hisense U6G manages to produce more accurate, richer, and more natural visuals. The availability of 32 local dimming zones offers greater color accuracy and a higher contrast range so that you can enjoy a perfect HDR experience.
Through ARC with DTS and Dolby Digital formats, it provides close to real visual and audio quality. On the other hand, it automatically adjusts the picture depending on the content genre, thanks to its AI Picture Optimization feature. Besides all, it offers a wide range of streaming apps as well.

Key Features

⦁ Quantum Dot Color
⦁ Dual-Band WiFi
⦁ Dolby Vision
⦁ AI Picture Optimization
⦁ Google Assistant and ALEXA compatible
⦁ Brilliant HDR Highlights
⦁ Auto low latency gaming mode
⦁ Voice remote

  • ⦁ Outstanding contrast
  • ⦁ Dolby cinematic experience
  • ⦁ Budget-friendly
  • ⦁ Outstanding black uniformity
  • ⦁ Comes with a wide array of streaming apps
  • ⦁ Limited peak brightness

SAMSUNG QN90A 55″ Class Neo QLED Smart TV


This smart TV by Samsung is a viable choice for multipurpose use. Apart from offering an extraordinary movie experience, it also proves to be a great option for gaming. With its latest HDR mode, you can enjoy watching movies in dark rooms, thanks to its built-in VA panel that ensures an ideal contrast ratio.
Besides, it offers the required brightness to tackle glare. The reflection handling mechanism maintains the HDR image quality even in a well-lit room. In addition, the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology ensures low input lag and smooth motion handling.
This Samsung smart TV 2022 model relies on QLED technology, which is relatively better than OLED. The image is much brighter, allowing more details to surface in HDR mode. The Only TV device can be availed from Amazon by spending around just over $1000.

Key Features

⦁ Quantum Matrix Technology
⦁ Neo Quantum Processor 4K
⦁ 4K Up-scaling
⦁ Motion Xcelerator Turbo
⦁ Multiple Voice Assistants
⦁ 4X HDMI 2.1 ports

  • ⦁ Crisp details and lush visuals
  • ⦁ Incredible contrast ratio
  • ⦁ Features full-array local dimming
  • ⦁ Perfect viewing angle
  • ⦁ Excellent HDR peak brightness
  • ⦁ Noticeable blooming at the edges of bright objects
  • ⦁ Slightly expensive

LG OLED C1 65″ 4k Smart TV


by these models, affordability has always been a decisive factor. On the contrary, the picture quality is also at par with some other expensive LG smart TV models.
With more than 8 million pixels, the OLED display of LG C1 brings images to life. Since each pixel operates independently, you get a perfect and richer black color. Hence, you can expect one of a kind visual experience.
The ‘Game Optimizer’ feature ensures easy access to all types of game settings. The latest HDMI ports are also there for a fast gaming experience. So, low input lag is the history, as you can enjoy lightning-fast response with HGiG and Auto Low-Latency Mode.
Just like Samsung, you can buy this LG smart TV by spending around just over $1000.

Key Features

⦁ Dolby Vision
⦁ Works with Google Assistant and ALEXA
⦁ Access multiple streaming apps

  • ⦁ Impressive picture quality
  • ⦁ Ultra-thin
  • ⦁ Magic remote is a great feature
  • ⦁ Affordable
  • ⦁ Average audio experience

Final Thoughts

Here we have already reviewed the top 5 best smart TVs of 2022. Each model has a different price range, which makes it easier to find a budget-friendly option. To keep things simple, we have clearly marked the individual features of each option. So, choosing the best possible smart TV won’t be that difficult.

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