Top 5 BEST Smartwatches of 2022

Finding the best smartwatch may need some work as there are so many options on the market and it’s hard to tell which one will best suit your needs.

Here we break down the top 5 smartwatches on the market this year based on price versus performance and situations they’ll be used in. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re looking for the best of the best, we’ll have an option for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

At no. 1 is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the best Android smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 4 combines the look and feel of Samsung’s Tizen platform and the functionality of Wear OS. It has a 40-mm body with a 396 x 396 display that’s bright and easy to read.

The Exynos W920 chipset provides plenty of power to smoothly run a variety of apps. It runs on Google’s Wear OS, giving you access to the Google Play Store for a variety of apps. This watch has GPS for tracking runs and a new three-in-one bioactive sensor to monitor your heart rate, and SpO2 levels and can provide key fitness metrics like skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, body water, and BMI.

You’ll get up to 24 hours of use from a full battery charge. A charging pad is also included in the box. The watch is also rated IP68 water-resistant. A classic version is also available as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a stainless-steel case and leather straps.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best Android-based smartwatch with a good health and fitness feature set and is a great choice for you.

Fitbit Versa 3

Next is the Fitbit Versa 3, the best smartwatch for health management. This smartwatch offers a variety of health and fitness options that make it one of the best smartwatches in Fitbit’s product line. A great-looking wearable, it mirrors many functions of the Fitbit Sense with more options for sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring.

The 40-mm AMOLED display has a resolution of 336 x 336 pixels that’s bright and crisp and visible even at dim settings. The built-in GPS means that you don’t have to bring your phone along during workouts. The GPS is easy to use and tracks the exercise you’ve completed, the route you took, and your blood oxygen levels through the integrated SpO2 sensor. You’ll be able to track your daily activities including steps, floors climbed, calories burned, and time spent in different heart rate zones, and get more in-depth tracking data from the Fitbit app. Fitbit Versa 3 has a good reputation for its sleep tracking abilities and can even provide early detection of disorders like sleep apnea.

The battery will give you up to 12 hours with the GPS enabled and up to 48 hours with the GPS disabled. So, in either case, you’ll have plenty of time for an all-day hike or a bike ride.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a focus on health, fitness, and sleep tracking, the Fitbit Versa 3 is a convenient single device solution.

Verratek Nimble 3

Number three is the Verratek Nimble 3 smartwatch, the best affordable smartwatch. The Verratek Nimble 3 gives you nearly everything you’re looking for including options for fitness and health tracking at an attractive price.

The Nimble 3 has a zinc alloy case with rounded corners, giving it a stylish look. The 1.69-inch TFT color screen has a resolution of 240×280 and the watch band is made of wear-resistant silicone that’s available in three different colors – black, rose gold, and silver-gray – to easily compliment whatever you’re wearing.

Pair the Nimble 3 with your Android 4.4+ or iOS 8.0+ smartphone and you’ll be notified of incoming messages or calls. Nimble also includes an alarm clock, ‘raise a hand to brighten the screen’ function, ‘find your phone’, ‘reject a call’, and more.

Fitness tracking features include eight multi-sport modes that include walking, running, riding, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. Since there’s no GPS, bringing your phone along during workouts is unavoidable. The Nimble 3 is protected from dust, dirt, sand, sweat, rain, and even being submerged in 1.5 meters of water with its IP68 rating.

The Nimble battery lasts between five and seven days of use depending on which features you use and has 20 days of standby time. This watch brings in smartwatch features that are accurate enough for a casual user. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that will give you some good fitness and wellness options for the price, the Verratek Nimble 3 is a great choice.

Apple Watch Series 7

Next up, is the Apple Watch Series 7, the best smartwatch for iOS. The Series 7 is stylish, powerful, and reliable and is the best smartwatch you can buy for iOS and a natural choice for iPhone owners.

The Series 7 features slightly more rounded corners. The display is curved in a way that makes the watch easier to read from the side. The display is also 70% brighter in always-on mode.

The UI has larger buttons and larger Apple maps to see nearby landmarks more easily. The QWERTY keyboard helps you text by tapping out individual characters or by swiping suggested words based on your input.

The Series 7 monitors your heart rate, counts your steps, and tracks your mileage with GPS and also offers support for dozens of workout types including Tai-Chi and automatic outdoor cycling tracking.

Disabling some of the more power-hungry features can keep the battery going for up to two days. Using daily activity tracking, always-on display, and taking a few phone calls, you’ll still easily get 18 hours. And if you use the included magnetic charger, the battery will charge 33% faster.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a very good choice for you and the ideal companion for your iPhone.

Apple Watch SE or Samsung Galaxy Active 2

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a good mix of price, quality, and functionality, we have two options for you to consider – Apple Watch SE and the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 – depending on whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone user.

Apple Watch SE offers the best mix of price versus overall performance, giving a great overall user experience similar to the Apple Watch Series 7, while the Galaxy Active 2 does pretty much the same thing in the Android family of products.

The Apple Watch SE has some great features like activity and sleeps tracking, GPS, and heart rate monitoring, while the Galaxy Active 2 gives you ECG, blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, improved sensors, and better GPS accuracy.

The SE may lack a few features of the Active 2 like ECG and SpO2 monitoring but it does have a large easy-to-read OLED display, good battery life, GPS, and fitness tracking. The SE is also capable of sleep tracking but it’s a bit less informative.

The Active 2 is a smartwatch that offers fitness and sleep tracking and LTE connectivity. It’s available with either a 40-mm or a 44-mm case just like the SE and an always-on super AMOLED display. The ECG sensor and run coaching help you increase your speed and endurance. It automatically tracks cycling and swimming and can be manually activated for additional exercises. Sleep tracking breaks down your sleep cycles and presents the data to you so you can see the quality of sleep you’re actually getting.

The Active 2 battery lasts about two and a half days but the always-on display will consume more power. On the other hand, the SE battery lasts about 18 hours on a full charge.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that offers good quality and features at a reasonable price, either the Apple Watch SE or the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 would be a great choice for you. There are some differences in the fitness and wellness options, but on the whole, your decision is going to be heavily weighted by which phone you use and there’s no real downside to either choice.

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