desk with shelves
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How to Choose Comfortable Desks

Office desks can be very different: large and small, simple and equipped with various additional options. This allows you to choose the optimal model for each task and for any room geometry.


According to the size of the work surface, the tables can be divided into several groups.

  • Small tables can be divided into two categories. Very narrow ones, up to 80 cm wide, are usually positioned as intended for laptops and are usually mobile (on wheels) or foldable.
  • The middle table is enough to accommodate a monitor and a small amount of paper, but it’s still a little cramped behind it. This computer desk with shelves is suitable for a small office.
big desk with shelves
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In addition to the width of the table, the ability to sit properly is important for comfortable work. It should be convenient for a person to put his elbows on the table, and the computer screen should be at a distance of about 50 cm from the eyes in order to look at it without tension.

Shape and construction

The shape of the tables, as well as the size, affects the layout of the workplace. Here are the options you can choose.

  • Rectangular table. The simplest option, suitable for almost any room.
  • Corner table. It will take up more space in the office than a standard rectangular one. But it will allow you to use the angle. It is suitable for those people who have several monitors on the VASAGLE table, a lot of documents or a printer. Corner tables are usually wider than usual, so they are either placed separately or combined with a workplace of the same width.
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Photo by Mateusz Haberny on Unsplash

In addition, it is possible to increase the comfort of the workplace. Additional accessories, such as monitor stands or partitions, can be purchased separately so as not to overpay for the complete set of tables.