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How to Choose Round Hair Brush Size

Round brushes are an excellent tool for adding volume and curl to your hair when blow drying it. Plus, they help control frizzies and flyaways so you can achieve the style desired.

Selecting the ideal round brush size is key for getting optimal results. Your selection should take into account both the desired length and finished size of the curl or wave you desire, as well as your personal styling preferences.

If your hair is short and wavy, or if you have bangs, a smaller round brush with an 17mm barrel is ideal for creating the desired style. On long and wavy locks, a 23mm barrel will create more defined curls or waves.

The shape of your bristles will also have an impact on how your style looks. Steer clear of round brushes with sharp bristles, as they can slice through strands of hair or snag them, leading to damage or breakage.

Today, there are a wide variety of round brushes available on the market, from natural bristle options to ceramic picks that gently smooth your hair without tugging or pulling it. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal round brush based on your hair type and style:

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Selecting the Perfect Brush Size for You

When it comes to round brushes, there is no one size that works best for everyone. There are several things to consider when selecting the ideal size: your hair length, desired curl or wave type and whether or not you have thick or thin locks.

No matter the length or finish you desire, remember that smaller barrels produce tighter curls; conversely, larger barrels offer looser coils.

When selecting the ideal round brush size for you, always consult your stylist. They can assist in determining the ideal brush for your needs and offer guidance on how to properly use it.

The ideal brush for your hair is one that helps you achieve the results desired and is comfortable to use. Not only does this reduce drying time, but it also leaves your locks with a sleeker appearance.

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A quality round brush should also be durable, meaning it won’t snap or break easily under repeated blow-drys and styling pressure.

Make sure the brush you purchase is made from high-quality materials, as this will guarantee its durability for an extended period of use.

Before buying any brush, ensure the bristles aren’t too stiff or soft. If they’re too rigid, they may not be able to retain moisture for your hair, leading to dryness and damage as well as split ends.