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How to Choose the Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Selecting the ideal foundation for your skin tone is essential to achieving a radiant, flawless look. But with so many formulas and finishes available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. So we asked celebrity makeup artists Daniel Martin and Allen Avendano their top tips on finding the ideal shade.

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Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

There are several easy tests you can do to identify your skin’s undertone, such as checking the color of your veins or holding a white sheet next to your face for comparison. Once you know what shade your undertone is, selecting an appropriate foundation shade for that tone will be much simpler.

If your skin has a cool undertone, steer clear of shades that are too yellow or pink as these can make your complexion appear ashy and dull. Instead, opt for neutral hues that enhance your natural complexion.

Choose a shade that either has a pale peach or light yellow undertone, as this will enhance your complexion and keep you looking polished all day long.

Remember to test your foundation in natural lighting, preferably near a window. Selecting the wrong shade of foundation can cause it to appear too dark or ghostly on your skin.

Your hair and eye color can also help identify your undertone. People with a warm undertone tend to have darker, deeper-toned skin than those with a cool one, and those who bronze or tan easily in the sun.

If you’re uncertain of your undertone, ask a makeup artist in store to assist. They can give an accurate consultation and demonstrate different foundation shades.

Finding a foundation shade that flatters your skin tone can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! With some research and some simple tricks, you’ll be able to locate the ideal hue for you.

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Examine Your Veins

The most common way to identify your undertone is by inspecting your wrists. If the veins are green, you have a warm undertone; purple indicates a cool undertone; blue indicates neutral.

Olive Tones

If your skin has a stunning balance between cool and warm undertones, you are an olive. Your features may include brown, hazel or amber eyes as well as blonde, red, black or golden hair that tans easily.

When searching for a foundation, strive to select a shade that offers both coverage and lightness. You can test out the shade by holding it up against your face.

Test the shade on a small patch of your jawline to see if it looks too harsh or soft. If the shade doesn’t match your skin tone, remove the product and try again.

You can also test the shade on the back of your hand. While this won’t be as accurate, it will give you a good idea how your skin will appear with the shade applied.