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How to Choose the Right Underwear For Your Body Type

Selecting the ideal underwear for your body type can make all the difference. Not only does it boost confidence, but it’s also more comfortable throughout the day. While this may not be something most people give much thought to, knowing your correct size and shape helps avoid chafing or rashes on specific parts of your skin.

A quality pair of underwear can transform your appearance and feel fantastic – not to mention it’s an essential part of your outfit. To choose the ideal piece for you, take into account your body shape and choose from:

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Rectangle, Apple & Hourglass Shapes

Round shapes typically have a larger torso with small waists and hips. When it comes to underwear for this body type, high-waisted briefs provide extra coverage in key areas while offering support in other places. If desired, teddy or negligee styles may help frame your shape better.

If your body type leans towards the Apple shape, opt for high-waisted underwear with a large elastic band around the top to keep them in place. This will prevent briefs from rolling down or becoming loose over time.

It is essential to select a brand that fits perfectly on your body, without any labels that could cause discomfort or chafing. Furthermore, read through instructions carefully and confirm actual measurements for the size desired.

Fabric choice is important when selecting underwear. Cotton tends to be the most comfortable choice as it’s lightweight and breathable; however, nylon or lycra are great alternatives if you prefer thinner materials that dry quickly, are lightweight yet durable.

Pear shaped bodies tend to have more difficulty fitting clothing than other body shapes, so it’s essential that you find underwear that meets your individual needs. If you have a pear shape, look for comfortable panties and thongs without distracting embellishments or patterns that might look too distracting on your shape.

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When it comes to boxer briefs, there is a vast selection of designs and materials. Some are made from luxuriously soft micro modal, while others use lightweight and durable cotton that requires little care. Which material you select will depend on your lifestyle or activity – for couch potatoes who prefer comfort, go for comfortable cotton; those who sweat more or participate in sports should opt for light and fast-drying nylon.

To determine your exact body shape, use a measuring tape to take both measurements of your waist and hips at once. Hold the starting point snug against yourself while wrapping it around to the bottom – this should provide an accurate measurement of hip size.